Recruit Nurse Practioners

Recruiting Experienced Nurse Practitioners

At ReedMed LLC  we provide you with the best medical recruiters on the market, we partner with your organization to meet hiring objective. Recruiting a Nurse Practitioner is never easy, but since 1995 we have refined our recruiting strategies to become very effective in this highly competitive area of health care. We invite you to reach out to us to hire your next Nurse Practitioner. We recruit across the globe and in all medical specialties from Family Practice to Neurosurgery.

ReedMed LLC is incredibly effective

With a refreshingly clean approach to Nurse Practitioners talent attraction experience the recruiting strategy that has changed the Nurse Practitioners recruiting industry; from building helpful communities to providing great resources, ReedMed LLC has the means to reach Nurse Practitioners for you around the Globe.

Nurse Database

With over 360,000 Nurse Practitioners in our proprietary database we have the reach to find your ideal employee.

Local Priority

We realize employers want to hire Nurse Practitioners with local ties. We begin our search with your geographic area in mind. Often times the Nurse you hire is in your local market or has strong local ties.

Express Services

If your an employer that is willing to train a new graduate that’s great! But if your looking for a highly skilled professional, we have you covered there too. From women’s health to psychiatry we’ll target the most experienced of providers.


Experienced Nurses

Nurse Practitioners are trained in many areas of medicine and they often adapt to the practice that hires them. Having relevant experience is key to ensuring success. There are training programs in Family Medicine, Adult and Geriatric Medicine, Psychiatry, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Acute Care, and Oncology.


Nurse Practitioner Recruiters

Patient care is only as good as the people that provide it. Why risk hiring the wrong person? Why settle on the first applicant? As Nurse Practitioner Recruiters we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results.


Quality People = Quality Care

When you hire a NP with the right personality for your practice everything else seems to fall into place. Knowing what is on a resume is easy, but determining the driving force behind a person is a whole other story.

ReedMed LLC provides high quality Nurse Practitioner recruiting.
Customized to meet your specific practice’s needs!

Recruiting Nurse Practitioners is becoming increasingly difficult:

Did you know the unemployment rate for Nurse Practitioners is less than 2.5% across the nation. That means virtually everyone that wants a job has one. With the increase in demand for healthcare services we’ll likely see the hiring trends continue as they have for the last 4 years: A staggering 500% increase in hiring demand!

Why use ReedMed LLC as your Nurse Practitioner Recruiters?

We have built the most comprehensive network for hiring nurse practitioner. The proof is in our numbers:

  • Our proprietary database contains over 360,000 nurse practitioners across the Globe.
  • The networks we’re connected to include 143 Geo-targeted, local Nurse Practitioner Associations comprising of 42,000 members.
  • We own and manage the largest LinkedIn group for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants of 13,500+ members.
  • Our job board distribution and aggregation extends to more than 10,000 career sites.
  • We rank on the 1st page of Google for multiple Nurse Practitioner search terms.
  • Leading the way as Nurse Practitioner Recruiters since 1985.