Increase Your Revenue

Increase Your Revenue

ReedMed LLC & Clinical Corp have teamed up to offer you an opportunity to significantly increase your practice revenue. If you are currently in our network of MD’s, DO’s, DPM’s, PA’s or NP’s and would like to earn up to 96K additional revenue contact us.

With payment models changing and Healthcare reimbursements declining, Physicians increasingly need to do more with less. We offer high paying supplemental employment opportunities for MD’s, DO’s, DPM’s, PA’s and NP’s in Private Practice. Start getting paid what you are worth and enjoying Medicine again. Start making more money with our part-time, locum tenens and telecommute employment offers.

All While Earning Up To 3 Times The National Hourly Average

  • Stay local or add travel within 50 mile radius
  • Telecommute and part-time openings available
  • Add new revenue streams to your Medical Practice
  • Learn profitable new procedures and services
  • Handle smaller patient loads for more money
  • and much more…

If you are not a part of our current network and would like to join contact us for more details.